Lead Automation with an external tool (Zapier, make.com, etc.)

Hi there,

I would like to automate incoming leads from one of our partners. They use Salesforce and currently send the leads and their details to us via email.

We then manually import them into Pipedrive and I want to get rid of this process.

I have already created an automation using Zapier. Using the feature incoming mail and Zapiers formatter I can extract all the relevant information and create a new organisation, a new contact and a new deal (we have a deal pipeline for new leads) in Pipedrive.

Unfortunately, from a privacy perspective, Zapier is a bit tricky and my management would prefer another solution. Also, my Zap uses 14 actions, which means we would have to go for the Zapier Professional plan with 10k tasks. And I think that's a bit too expensive for the automation I want to do.

I've also looked at make.com, which seems to have the same features as Zapier, but is cheaper and hosted within the EU. 

I was wondering if anyone else out here had a similar challenge and how you solved it and what tool you used.