Google Voice Integration - or other low-no cost integration.

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We are a start up ~ we need a voip free product that integrates to Google Voice or other free service. I've seen posts here saying it is compatable ~ but the links to where instructions are shown are broken.

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    See Below for a solution and video tutorial.

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    I have found an 80% solution. The quest for the holy syntax still remains.

    1. To use your Google Voice number with Pipedrive, first sync your Google Account that has your GVoice number attached with Pipedrive.
    2. Next, install the GVoice Chrome Browser extension. This extension will add a GVoice logo to the right of any phone number links in Pipedrive.
    3. If you want to make a call, instead of clicking the phone number link on the left under Customer Details, click the Call Button on the activity bar in the middle of the page. This will make the GVoice logo larger and easier to right-click without clicking the number link itself.

    There are two options for making a call from the Call Activity: Computer or Phone.

    • For the Phone option, you need to have both the Pipedrive and Google Voice app installed on your phone. Choose the Phone option in Pipedrive, and the app will give you a notification. Click the notification and the GVoice app will automatically start the call to the customer's number.
    • For the Computer option, make sure your browser is logged in to your GVoice account. Right-click the GVoice extension's logo next to the provided blue phone number link and click "Open link in new tab." The call will automatically open a Google Voice tab with the call already started.

    I had been looking for a syntax solution but found this method to work pretty well. I also included a video link for further clarification. If anyone has questions or suggestions for how to improve this method, feel free to comment.

    ๐Ÿš€Special Thanks to ChatGPT for turning my word salad into something legible!๐Ÿ˜