Offline conversions from Pipedrive to GADS

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Hi. I've set up a Zap from Pipedrive deal to GADS based on CRM lead phone number (to try and track calls from GADS (Google Ads). I get: "The error code is not in this version., at conversions[0].user_identifiers"

Anyone solved this before?


  • Graham Cox
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    I'm not sure you can use a phone number as identifier. Don't you have to import the GCLID into PD via your website form etc, then reimport that GCLID into Google Ads with an offline conversion value?

  • KO
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    That would be an easy "online" conversion by a form. I'm trying to track people that just phoned the number on a google ad (and attribute the conversion).

  • moira leon
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    This error appeared for me when I was mapping GFN conversions to click imports.

    If you are tracking online conversions the user is mapped to their gclid and you will select "Track conversions from clicks" but for offline GFN events the user will be tracked by their phone number and you will need to select "Track conversions from calls" when you create the conversion action. This should resolve your error.