Pipeline View Needs a "Show All" Toggle

Josh Monifi
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It has never made sense for our organization that WON & LOST Deals drop out of Pipeline view by default. Heck, it took me over 2 years in the system to realize that we could even create a filter to show these Deals in Pipeline view, that's how used to it I had become! Utilizing a "show all" filter is becoming more of the norm at our organization, but still, there are many Users that just think that Deals "disappear" when they are marked as WON or LOST (or don't know how to use filters anyway).

Pipedrive very much needs a toggle at the top of Pipeline view that either shows all Open OR all Open and Closed Deals. We should not need to rely on filters for this (which get wiped as soon as you apply another filter). This toggle should be set by default to on or off based on the Org's selection, or in the pipeline edit window.

Please and thank you!

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