Product fields in the email templates

That would be good if it is possible to include product information with its files attached when an email is sent to a customer

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  • Lewis Hall
    Lewis Hall Posts: 11
    edited August 2021 #2

    This feature would be very useful to be able to send a list of products and their related fields in an email. Please consider for future development.


  • Jay Roberts
    Jay Roberts Posts: 2
    edited April 2021 #3

    This is an obvious gap for anyone attempting to use products.  Please consider prioritizing this in a near release.


  • Simon_37294
    Simon_37294 Posts: 3
    edited April 2021 #4

    Has anything happened with this?

  • Stefano Coluccini
    edited April 2021 #5

    I support the request, it would be a very useful feature!

  • Rob Dash_6161
    Rob Dash_6161 Posts: 14
    edited July 2021 #6

    Yes this would be a welcome addition. At the moment, if I want to send any details about price and products, I have to make a formal quote. But often a client will email me asking for the price breakdown , or just looking for an indicative price. An email where I can include the products table would be very useful

  • Ethan Gouge
    Ethan Gouge Posts: 1
    edited November 2021 #7

    I really need this feature!

  • Greg Johnston
    Greg Johnston Posts: 3
    edited April 20 #8

    We really need this feature too. Any updates on when this could be added?

  • Isabelle Bailleux
    edited June 25 #9

    Very useful ! 
    Easy to do but looks like they prefer to spend time on the to buy features :/