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We are happy to announce that this often-requested feature is being released! Find out all about it here 🚀

What: You can make a numerical or monetary deal custom field calculate a value based on values from other deal fields.

For whom: Pro and Enterprise users

When: Gradual release starting February 2023



  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Awesome ! Can't wait to try it 💥

  • OK but very limited. What I really need is the ability to do mathematical operations on a custom field from many organisations - like doing a sum in excel on a column called 2023 Revenue. So I can then add up my revenue from hundreds of customers. Surely this can't be that hard?

  • This was for me the most exciting news since it was one of the largest limitations of Pipedrive!!!

  • Very excited to see this rolled out and have access to it!

  • Brilliant news, this will come in really handy, thanks Pipedrive.

  • Great can' wait to try it out as it will solve a lot of issues!

  • @Manuel Oliveira , will this only work for deals or will it also be available for other parts of the products. For example the "products" module etc.?

    Also when stating that it is going to work on deals; will it be able to read the "cost of the associated products to a deal" and thereby make a calculation/sum of these products to calculate gross profit of a deal?

    That is kind of a nobrainer, since having the correct prices of deals is neccessary.

  • I dont have this feature in my pipedrive... do I have to enable something for it to show up?

  • @Manuel Oliveira Still in BETA, right? :-) But would be great if add our PD Experts and PDX - Textumgebung to the test group. Can't wait to test it!

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @andrew_pag , the release is gradual and will go on throughout February / March 2023. All going as expected, by the end of March all Pro / Enterprise users should see this feature 🚀

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Mathias Brask have a look in our knowledge base article here for more details on what this feature is able to do at launch.

  • Will this be available to Advanced Plan users 🤞

  • awesome! just learned it will be launched on the 24th of February! Really looking forward to that!

  • @Manuel Oliveira unfortunately the knowledge base article is not describing anything about products. Will you be able to hand the feedback further on. Since you are now releasing a calculation field, it somehow must be in Pipedrive's interest to let its customers start calculating profit on their deals. At the moment such thing cannot be done, due to the limitations of products, despite that the "cost" of a product, is a standard field made available from Pipedrive.

    Would be awesome to have this added, and will finally open up for not having to use other software-tools etc, to calculate such a basic thing.

    Later on, you could enhance the future of such a solution so that triggers in workflows will be available based on the "numbers" in that calculation field etc.

  • It would be great to have this field available for organisations too. We would use this in conjunction with our custom fields to e.g. work out a cost per hire or % uptake etc

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  • Great feature, @Manuel Oliveira ! I would need to extend this feature to product fields. Our customers are asking for fields like net product price (typically net price= standard price -from products- * discount -from deal or organization-) to be calculated and used with Smart Docs to create automated quotations. Is is something we will see in the next weeks ?

  • What he said @Gian Marco - InCodice

    This should be available to all subscription levels really as I would this this would be a fundamental feature for must for all businesses.🙏

  • Josh Buesking
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    While this is needed in products more than anywhere else, I'm confident it will be there eventually. There's a lot of fields in the products side of things that are useless and from what I've been reading in various discussions, products is getting a huge overhaul.

  • Can it calculate commission based on 2 fields? For example deal value $ x commission % that is in another field that I have created?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello everyone! We are very happy here at Pipedrive with your response to this new feature, and the feedback provided 🚀

    As mentioned in the knowledge base article here, this version of formula fields only applies to Deals for now. However, as we get the opportunity to review feedback and continue research, it could eventually extend to other items (people, organizations, etc). As of this comment, we are unfortunately not able to provide a timeline for such future updates as it won’t be in the very short term.

    Please do keep upvoting and sharing your use cases for improvements to this feature in Ideas and Product Feedback. Your input was fundamental in making this feature happen, and will continue to be 📝

  • @Manuel Oliveira " it won’t be in the very short term." How come, you do develop such a functionality without thinking about extending it to other areas of your product?

    At the moment the calculation-abilities are very strict / limited, and seems like a beta-version compared to a better setup.?

  • Great feature which I'm really looking forward to using!

  • Hannes Kiivet
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    @Mathias Brask, you are correct that the feature is quite limited, but you can rest assured that Pipedrive always develops functionality by thinking about extending it to other areas of our product. Personally, I would be super happy to provide all those SUM(), COUNT(), etc functions that work across all products, contacts, etc, but I am not our average customer 🙂 As with all modern SaaS companies we are rather releasing something very useful for most users, measuring takeup, collecting feedback, and then improving it with iterations. The current version of the formula feature is first released to the most used object in Pipedrive - deals - and after we have seen the initial take-up of the feature we plan to roll it out to other objects (incl. products). We have also included feedback collection in this feature usage flow so that we won't miss any of our users' ideas & suggestions.

  • @Hannes Kiivet i see your point of view, and do agree on some parts of it.

    The most frustrating part at the moment (when using a deal) is the option of NOT being able to calculate "gross margin". It is key-figure to know when doing sales. Do we earn money or do we just sell... that is what such a number will show. And since we already do have a "cost" field on products (which can be related to deals), it then seems like a no-brainer that Pipedrive haven't solved this before. That could however be solved with a simple functionality of retrieving the cost-price of the associated products to the deal and then to a "product price minus product cost price = sum() and then you would have an awesome SaaS.

    At the moment integrating pipedrive with other systems (account-software) is not working probably, since sales agents would then need to use the accounting software aswell for calculating the gross margin etc. instead of just focusing on working entirely in Pipedrive.

    We are talking about hundred of hours that could be saved here...

  • There's lots of fields in products that aren't being used. They are roughed in but not much use. Via the api I can see there's variant descriptions but no way to input them.

    I'm hesitant to do much with more with products currently as they plan to update that part of the system this year and don't want to spend any time until they have.