Hyperlinks in messages in MS Teams

Hello all

Can't imagine this hasn't been asked before, but I just can't find it, so here goes:

When you integrate MS Teams with Pipedrive, it's great that you can receive a message in Teams when something happens in Pipedrive.


...is it accurate that it's not possible to include a hyperlink to the activity, contact, deal, or company in the message in MS Teams? Would seem logical to be able to do, right?


  • I actually went through the same thing just yesterday.. and it works (sometimes though with a workaround).

    (1) I suggest you start by using one of the workflow templates for "MS teams"..like the one to celebrates "won" deals. There the fields you can use in the message are displayed. You need to use "linked deal" so it creates an hyperlink in your MS teams message.. see 2 screenshots.

    (2) For certain other workflows, not based on templates, (e.g. I want to be notified of a lead per email, or of a new created deal per email) the hyperlinks were not available.. so the support helped me find a "trick": i.e. insert the generic link (for instance to the lead inbox generic link), remove the "hyperlink" (i.e. move to plain text), replace the end by the "Lead ID" field or "deal ID" field..and here you go!

  • So if I understand you correctly, @Guillaume, the workaround is to do something like this to show a specific activity:

    https://{instance}.pipedrive.com/activities/list/user/{userID}?selected={ACTIVITY ID}&tab=activity

    In the above URL all you do is insert the Activity ID variable in the to be sent text, right? I've set that up - testing it now.

    Thanks a lot for chiming in.

  • Yes copy the page URL of where you want to link to (Lead inbox? Pipeline? Activities list?), and add the ID at the end (be it the lead id, deal id, activity id that you want to open). Be sure to work in plain text when you do so, otherwise hyperlink won’t “merge”.

    In the other example, i sent you a screenshot of there was also in that template for MS teams a “Linked Deal” field.. so that one did not even need the workaround.