Can I have hidden web form fields?

Ezequiel Rodriguez
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I'm testing the lead booster web forms feature to streamline our lead generation process. We need to send some lead custom field values that shouldn't be visible in the Contact us form.

Do web forms support defining custom lead fields as visible/hidden?

Can we set the values for hidden custom lead fields programmatically?

Is there any workaround for this need?.

We integrated our current contact us form with Pipedrive APIs, but we are concerned about security issues by exposing the API key.



  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Ezequiel Rodriguez

    In our Web Forms we don't have an option for hidden/visible fields. If you have some data that is based on their answers and needs and auto-fill - maybe our Workflow automations can help in that case?

    What I am thinking is if user fills in answer X for a specific field - then a different field has to automatically be Y? This could be possibly set up by our automations, but probably would need some more details.

    Feel free to check further with our Support team via in-app chat or email

  • Ezequiel Rodriguez
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    Thank you for your anzwer Kreete. Unfortunately, your proposal wouldn't work, but I figured out a different way of integrating our website form into Pipedrive without using webforms.

  • Talha Saleem
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    @Ezequiel Rodriguez Can you please share the way you figured out. Struggling with the same.