changing custom field of multiple People within an Organization

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We have a need to create a workflow rule to change the status of a custom field for ALL People within an Organization when a specific field within the Organization is used.

Currently, we figured out a way to do one Person, but would be nice to apply for everybody.

Essentially we would want the People field to match the Org field.


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    Hi @bfrias

    In this case, it is not possible directly with our Workflow automations, I'm afraid. Our item hierarchy does not allow the change to be applied from one item to multiple items. So Org change can't trigger Person/Deal change, only the other way around. If a Deal changes - we can change the linked Org and Person. If Person changes - we can change the linked Organization. But not the other way around right now. Would be nice to see if anyone has a specific workaround here.

  • Amit Sarda (

    You can do this easily using Make/Integromat.

    Trigger: Org updated


    1. Find all contacts for Org
    2. Update custom field for all contacts

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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