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We added tags to our deals to track them based on priority level. This works great on the computer as we can see LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH PRIORITY with BLUE, YELLOW, and RED colored bars tied to each deal. However, I cannot see those tags on the mobile app where myself and technicians typically use Pipedrive in the field. We would really like this feature to be added to see the color coordination of the labels on the mobile apps.

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    @dustinboykin so you want to see labels in mobile app. Cool. In Pipedrive Product Talk - 2023 has been announced that sometime this year a feature will be available that will allow you to choose the fields that will be visible on the DEAL box in the pipeline view. If this will also apply to the mobile application? Hard to say. (My guess is not.)

    It was also announced that multiple labels for deals will be available soon. (Still unavailable as of today.)