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I was wondering if anyone could help. We use Microsoft teams as our VOIP and can make calls direct from Pipedrive as all set up as the default phone call handler for VOIP.

However, when you make a call on the desktop it doesn't give any options to log the call. I've seen this is possible on the mobile app but can't see it anywhere on the desktop. As we have more people in the office now they are using the desktop app and headsets.

Is this a easy fix to automatically log the calls or is it only available on the mobile app?



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    HI, ZP-Zaun

    I am curious if you got anywhere solving this? We also use Teams for calling and I haven't been able to figure out how to automatically to log calls or route calls to the Teams mobile app. Call logging is crucial to us, but it seems extraordinarily difficult to set this up in pipedrive.

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