Emails from Outlook to Pipedrive

Hi everyone,

It was hard for me to find an answer to this one, but perhaps the community can help.

We have automated webforms and livechat, so each lead ends up in Pipedrive as a LEAD. This allows me to create all sorts of wonderful workflow automatizations. However, around 50% of leads we receive are in the form of direct email and we can only add those leads into Pipedrive manually. This takes A LOT OF TIME.

I am wondering if there is a way to get the email leads into Pipedrive automatically somehow?

Keep in mind that we have multiple users in Pipedrive, but one general inbox where we receive new client leads which is not synced with Pipedrive. I was thinking that perhaps I should create a user for this general inbox and "Sync emails with specific labels...".

This however will go to email tab in Pipedrive, but I would want that specific email to generate a LEAD in Pipe.

Is my idea feasible? My tests are not working. Is there a better way?



  • Daniel Dubalski
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    Hi @Tõnis Jõgeva,

    We had the same issue and were able to automize it (s.

    If your mails always follow a certain structure, it is quite easy to set up a workflow with an automation tool like Zapier or Make.

    We for instance have a Deal Pipeline for these leads and every incoming mail with a lead will create a new organization, person and deal based on the information provided in the mail.

    You can also try (and even use) Make for free. With the help of their community I was able to set the workflow up, just as I need it (



  • Tõnis Jõgeva
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    Thanks, Daniel for the tip.

    I guess our biggest problem is that potential customer can email us without a structure and there are no trigger words to even create a lead out of it. We can generate a general lead for sure, but to really automate it would need to include a service they are asking for an in which country. Our webform does that perfectly, but emails simply do not have enough clarity to add to pipe as leads/deals.

    I was thinking that perhaps organizing incoming emails into specific subfolders that trigger automatization in Pipe. Does anyone know how to do this?