"Cross Object Formulas" re: Custom Fields

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In Salesforce there's an ability to link custom fields from different entities/objects. They call these "cross-object formulas".

For example, if our account management team wanted to know the software provider one of our accounts is using to manage a specific process, they could see that information on the "project" equivalent in salesforce, though it would only be present as "read-only" within the project equivalent because the information really lives in another part of the system altogether; in this case the equivalent of the organization.

By allowing the custom field data to exist in the organization, but then giving users the ability to choose where that data should feed into (i.e. the deal or project), on a read-only basis, Pipedrive can tailor the experience to both populations (sales and account management) while still ensuring the integrity of the data is intact.

Please let me know if this is something that the team has ever considered. Thank you

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