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I am currently working on an integration that involves filtering persons based on multiple fields and multiple values per field, through the API.

As far as I know, it is not possible to implement the following type of filter using the API:

  • Custom Field A with an "OR" operator between the options: option-1 OR option-2 OR option-3
  • "AND"
  • Custom Field B with an "OR" operator between the options: option-4 OR option-5 OR option-6
  • "AND"
  • Custom Field C with an "OR" operator between the options: option-7 OR option-8 OR option-9

Could you kindly confirm if this type of filter is not supported by the API?

Thank you.



  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @adriani!

    Our API doesn't seem to have endpoints for deal fields with operator to filter this way, so I would initially say this is not possible. However, depending on the programming language and scrip used, it might be possible to use our endpoints and create these filters on your side.

    For further assistance on this my suggestion is for you to discuss this situation further on our Developers Community, right here.

    I hope this helps!