Add "Email PDF" option to Share button for SmartDocs

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Currently, emailing the smart doc to a prospect or customer involves more steps than it needs to. It would be nice if there were a "Email PDF" option when you click the green share button. This could open up the email tab (if creating a doc as part of a deal) and generate + attach the PDF to the email.

This would speed things up and avoid having to download the PDF, then switch to the email tab and find the PDF in the Downloads folder (or wherever else it was downloaded to).

BONUS: Ideally, it would be nice if this could also add a link into the email, so we don't have to click on "Share as link", then copy the link, highlight text in the email and paste the link. Just click a button to "Email PDF and Link" and the PDF is generated and attached + the link is added to a button (could be called "View Document" or just "View PDF" or something - the verbiage could be a settings option in company settings or as part of the doc template).

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    PeterH Member Posts: 2
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    Pipedrive, can we make this happen? Would really help speed things up :)