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Hi Pipedrive Product anagement,

Just elike many pipedrivers, the launch of Insights is a great move forward in terms of KPI management for sales.

Howavere, as the devil is in the details, I realize that the date in the Insights / Dashboard are actually off and refreshed on a randon frequency compare to the actual CRM data.

So basically, Dashboard are always off in terms of data, unless you check them when teh update has actually happended, which is not indicated.

This is a huge shortfall, especially as Sales manegement relies on reliable data and for that matter we have stopped using Pipedrive Insighet and reverted to Excel.....

Have you picked up the same issue?

Please Pipedrive product management FIX this issue, or better off rollback Insight as currently a good looking chart, but useless as not build upon real time data....

Feel free to comment any feedbcak on Insights


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  • Tony Matthews
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     Anyone else noticed that insights data always needs refreshing? Even when I go to my dashboard from

  • Mathias Jonsson
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    I have noticed the same.

    Also, when adding custom fields, you need to refresh the Insights page before they appear.

  • Tony Matthews
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    I have noticed the same.

    Also, when adding custom fields, you need to refresh the Insights page before they appear.

    It's a shame they can't fix this. A CRM that doesn't automatically update itself seems rather poor.

  • Gray D. Roberts
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    How do we stop reports pages from refreshing every 20 seconds?

  • Vikash
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    The live dashboard link automatically refreshes in 2 mins or so. Can we somehow stop the autorefresh? It's really disturbing when we use the live link to present the dashboard during a meeting. I have tried several chrome extensions, but none of them worked. Maybe we can have a button to switch on/off the autorefresh on the live dashboard link. We should be able to control it.

  • Matěj Kříž
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    Let me hijack your thread a bit and take this opportunity to draw attention to a long-planned and somewhat forgotten and overlooked activity by Pipedrive developers to produce a connector for Google Data Studio

    Our company (I believe we are definitely not alone) would welcome as a first step the development of just such connectors for Google Data Studio or Microsoft Power BI and only then start trying to develop own solution - Insights - which, in fact, may not be an integral part of CRM and which we are now paying extra for the development of.

    Please everyone in the community, support the development of Google Data connector.

  • Bruna Brum
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    We are facing the same thing. All the dashboards that we have are not updated.

    We always have to request Pipedrive support to fix it, which is not ideal.

    I hope that the Pipedrive team fixes this problem as soon as possible, given that the Insights should be just a reflection of the deals.

  • Dean Tavener
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    Hi the externally shared insights dashboards are a great feature, but they refresh so often that they're difficult to read if it's a large dashboard.

    We have one shared with 12 reports on it. It seems impossible to get to the bottom of it whilst reading all the data, without it refreshing and in doing so, blanking out all the reports momentarily and scrolling us back to the top. It's particularly hard to read on mobile.

    Would be great if you could reduce the refresh rate, or let us set it. For example for us, refresh once per hour or even down to just 1 or 2 times per day would be fine, and would make the report more useable - it's hard to read when it refreshes constantly during reading.

  • Tomas
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    Has there ever been a comment on this subject? While I experience the same issue

  • Andreia Costa
    Andreia Costa Pipedrive Team Posts: 156 PIPEDRIVE TEAM
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    Hey @Tomas 👋

    We don't currently have the option to remove the auto-refresh of the live dashboard - the purpose of the feature is to give live information and updates. I do understand how having the option to change the time it updates or even temporarily disable it would give more control to our users so I'll pass this feedback internally to our Product Developers!

    Should anything else be needed, our Support is available 24/7.

  • Manuel Oliveira
    Manuel Oliveira Admin Posts: 1,142 COMMUNITY MANAGER
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    Hi everyone, the insights refresh rate is now adjustable in the shared dashboard screen. Find out more here.