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Hi Pipedrive Product anagement,

Just elike many pipedrivers, the launch of Insights is a great move forward in terms of KPI management for sales.

Howavere, as the devil is in the details, I realize that the date in the Insights / Dashboard are actually off and refreshed on a randon frequency compare to the actual CRM data.

So basically, Dashboard are always off in terms of data, unless you check them when teh update has actually happended, which is not indicated.

This is a huge shortfall, especially as Sales manegement relies on reliable data and for that matter we have stopped using Pipedrive Insighet and reverted to Excel.....

Have you picked up the same issue?

Please Pipedrive product management FIX this issue, or better off rollback Insight as currently a good looking chart, but useless as not build upon real time data....

Feel free to comment any feedbcak on Insights


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