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Zeynep Boran
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Hello Pipedrivers,

I have a question for you. I'm organizing the "Add Organization" area and want to show some fields in the collapsed mode. The "Label" field is one of them.

In the first attachment, there is a picture of a collapsed mode but "Label" is not there. When I try to edit the field, I can not see the "edit" option.

"Label" is a default field, I think I can't edit it for this reason. However, "Address" is also default but it is on the sidebar when it's collapsed. I check the settings of these two fields, everything is the same. Anyone could help me in this regard?


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  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Zeynep Boran

    Indeed, the difference here should be that Label is a default field and can't be added permanently this way. On my account, the default Address field behaves the same way so not sure if you are using a custom one or just something not correct in that behavior instead. I am sure our Support team can also check further the exact fields and forward this as feedback to our Product team. If you wish to reach out, please open in-app chat or email to [email protected]


  • Thanks Kreete, I have reached out to the support team. I'll update here when I figure it out.