Doubts about Typeform-Pipedrive integration process

Karla GC
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When relating Typeform questions to Pipedrive fields, I get some that I don't understand where they are created and I can't delete them for the same reason and others that I have created in "datafield-leads" that I don't get in the deployment. How can I fix this? Thank you very much!!! 


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Karla GC!

    Since you are trying to map Pipedrive fields to their your Typeform questions and see fields you are not familiar with and do not see other fields at all, our team would need to see this first hand in order to help.

    With that in mind, can you please reach out to our Support Team so that the team can confirm if the missing fields are in-fact existing fields on you Pipedrive account? This is important so that we can understand if there is an issue and, if there is, understand if it is related to Pipedrive or to Typeform.

    Thank you.

  • Graham Cox
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    Hi Karla,

    The Typeform direct integrations with other tools including Pipedrive aren't great. Use zapier instead, it's so much more flexible and allows for a much better and deeper integration between Typeform and Pipedrive.

  • I agree with @Graham Cox_55849's suggestion.

    Zapier is very straight-forward to use, while Make/Integromat is a lot cheaper.