How do you manage deals that are related to multiple higher level organizations?

Erik Lindholm
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Somewhat difficult to explain in a short paragraph. We are a construction company, but others likely run into the same scenario.

Owners often hire consultants or management companies to solicit bids from us. The "deals" or contracts are with the owners so they should be linked to the deals. However, the management company is really where the work comes from, so we like to link the deal with the management company, but this completely leaves out the owner. I have tried linking the deal to the owner, and have the owner listed as a "daughter" related org to the management company (so all represented owners show up in the "parent's" profile, but then all owners that are managed by the same company show up as "sister" orgs and they should not be related at all. I have tried linking them as just "related", but then there is no way to differentiate between the management company offices and the lower level property owners - it's just a huge mess of all of the related organizations and property owners together as equals. I have also tried creating (yet another) custom field in the org page called "Managed by" (org name). This sort of works, but (1) it is limited to only 1 org name in the custom field, and (2) there is no way to see what owners the management co. or consultant represent in the org's profile page (although I should be able to create a custom filter which would be tedious).

If anyone has any experience or suggestions with this, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

Thank you!