Workflow Automation: How to create Geographical query?

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We are selling homes. Most of our new leads will typically ask questions about a specific home.

I would like to create new workflow automation which will send to each such new client contact a follow up email with three closest properties in the similar category - price, property type etc.

How do I create such geographical query in workflow automation or connected application? Each property in our DB has Lat & long information.

The previews suggestion was to use Make/Integromat, however I am not able to connect it with Pipedrive. I created multiple tickets but Make/Integromat support is not answering for days, so I assume they have some major flaw in their system connecting with Pipedrive. So I am looking for solution independent of Make/Integromat for now...

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    Hi @Zuzana

    I believe in Pipedrive alone it is not possible to achieve this. The issue is that even though Pipedrive is using Google maps to identify the location for different Contacts + Deals, then there is no option to actively monitor/identify the closest ones and use this information in our Automations.

    Were you facing issues for the initial connection with Integromat/Make? Or already when setting up a specific flow? In this case, you can also ask for help from our Support - but our options to help are limited indeed as Integromat/Make is responsible for the integration management, we might not have needed error logs etc.

    I hope someone has a better workaround here, but only Pipedrive is not able to manage this flow.

  • Amit Sarda (

    Hi @Zuzana - Try reconnecting Pipedrive with Make/Integromat using API tokens.

    I use it regularly and it works.

    And I think you should be able to set up an automation to do this using Make/Integromat.

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