Custom buttons to trigger your 3rd party automations? Here you go!

Veli-Matti Ratinen
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If you use iPaaS / automation platforms such as Zapier, (Integromat) or any other you have most likely sometimes struggled to find a suitable way to trigger you automation. Typically the options are either through a webhook, filter etc. but this can be very inefficient and confusing for a user to understand if/when something happened (or not).

For this reason we've created a free Pipedrive add-on with which you can create custom buttons on any deal, organization or person details view, which will then trigger your desired action:

When you create a button and trigger it, it will send a HTTP POST request to the URL you have defined containing the basic information from which deal/person/organization the trigger came from together with some other information. Have a look at some examples in our documentation:

Hope you like it as much as we do!

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