Is it possible for an automation to create an activity in a variable number of days based on history

Michael G
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I wanted to make an automation that schedules a call if I made a call and it was not answered. However, I want to make it variable so that if I had called the contact twice already in the last week then the activity is scheduled for a week from today but if I hadn't called the contact at all this week then the activity is scheduled tomorrow. Is this kind of variable action possible? Thank you


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    Hey @Michael G !👋🏼

    Good question and I certainly see the need for these sorts of automations! Looking on my account however, I see some limitations in our way. One of them will be pretty major, being we cannot set a condition to the amount of contacts in the past week. There are workarounds we can use to navigate this, but it will take some creativity and more clarification on your particular workflow.

    Would you mind reaching our to our support via chat or We have some specialists who will be able to assist you better on this.

    Hope this helps!