Sign out of all devices **except one** would be nice.

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I'm constantly moving between devices, so getting the "We couldn't log you in" prompt is really annoying.

I appreciate that you've probably done this to stop people from sharing logins, so I understand why this feature has been implemented.

I see this message all the time because I regularly work across multiple devices. Also, I tend to alt-tab between Chrome and Edge a lot, so I'm signed into Pipedrive on both at any given time (for convenience).

With only 3 logins. That's:

  1. Edge
  2. Chrome
  3. iPhone

(Thank goodness I don't have an iPad or I'd be stuffed!)

"Log out of all devices" is a great feature, as it allows me to free up a login on a device I don't have with me. However, I'd like an exception added.

I'd really like to be able to nominate a "favourite" or "exempt" device that's always logged in. This device would be my phone - so that I can continue to get important notifications.

Alternatively, you could offer checkboxes so users can choose which device or devices to log out of.

Thanks for taking the time to consider.

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