If I send a Deal back to a Lead will the Deal information still be recorded for reporting purposes?

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I want to be able to track my deals when they hit different stages. Will the deal stage still be included in an Insight report or Goal report if you send a deal back to a lead? Ex: I did a discovery call with a prospect which would count as a Deal stage for us. They are going to hold off for a while so I wanted this off my pipeline and sent back to Leads. I still want to count that stage as part of my KPI for the month.


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    Probably try it and see how it shows up on reporting but my guess is that if the deal is moved from the pipeline to leads that the reporting data on that deal related to the pipeline will be lost. I'd think the best way would be to mark that deal as lost and create a new lead for the future. That would give you the KPI you are looking for in that pipeline. That a deal was lost in that year.

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    You are correct. If you move it out of the pipeline, the historical data (stages) does not show on the reporting. However, it does stay on the organization timeline of activities.

    I played around with the stages and moving them in and out of the pipeline and confirmed in reporting.

    In the future I can do 1 of 2 things...Leave it in a very low probability stage (0%) as an "on-hold" opportunity OR move it back to a lead and then create a new deal if it happens to move back into a viable deal.