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Gerald Hoyle
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Could we please have the ability to to create forms and checklists that can be then used to create a task in the deal. The user assigned to the task would open the form and complete it, the information would then be added to the deal as pdf file as well as a note.

The application we have for this is around servicing. Our service team services the installed products every year, and have to fill out a checklist each time. There are various checklists, depending on eth product being serviced. A checklist online that is pre-populated with basic customer information would be awesome. Even better if it then produced a pdf that was attached to the deal, as we can send a copy to the client.

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  • Tom Kmiecik
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    Do you have any budget to build it? We are doing a lot of automation around PipeDrive ourselves using our own technology of G1ANT.

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