Pushing data from Website (by WordPress) to Pipedrive

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I know how to use WebForm, very useful indeed! It allows me to create a form in Pipedrive and replicate it in the website via code snippet. What if I need to pass name, email id and few other information from my website to Pipedrive, so it creates a new lead in Pipedrive.



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    I have barely used webforms. I would like it to be a little more customizable.

    I use third party webforms that I then connect with Pipedrive using Zapier.


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    Hi @Hossein Mohsenian !

    You can create your webform with fields to capture a person's Name and Email address, and they will be transferred into a Person in Pipedrive. The name for a Person or Organization is actually mandatory so a contact can be created, and you can also make the email address field required, so your website visitors can't leave it blank. See the example below and learn more about Pipedrive Web Forms here.



    I can also tell you that we're revamping our Webforms feature as we speak, so it will have improved capabilities that will allow it to feed data into the Leads Inbox. Stay tuned!

    We have also been doing some early tests with a new feature that will come, which allows to track visitors in your website automatically and create new leads in PIpedrive based on that, without the need to fill in a webform. See here if you're curious: Installing your Web Visitors tracker script (Beta).

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