Share others users calendars

Currently you can create a calendar schedule according to your work schedule and share this as a link to leads/clients.

I would like to see an update where I can share another users calendar on their behalf.

For example Assistant shares Supervisors calendar to client synced with their schedule.

That individual would need to create a calendar and check a box to say:

  • share with all users
  • share with specific users

When I click on send email I will see a heading that says shared calendars and select the appropriate one.

A bonus would be to create these calendars on behalf of users so long as you have permissions.

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  • Demetrios
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    I want to add to this, where we have a company wide calendar that takes into account all users schedules.

    That way when a client is picking a time its looking across all calendars to fit their time and then allocated to correct user.

    Maybe have an option / checkbox to say add to client calendar or admin can select the users calendars and incorporate that into a shared link.