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Hanna M
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Why does the button create a new document from template open up the template editing view and not go and open up the new document based on the template? Our sellers now start to edit the template (and mess it up) as they don't notice that you still need to push "use this template to create a document" -button. Is there any way to lock the templates and only allow to edit when used to create a new document for the deal?

The template editing should be in a different place than the user base for templates.

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  • Josh Buesking
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    I agree, long time user and I still forget to hit create document from template occasionally.

    You don't realize it until you go to click save either.

  • Maarten
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    Absolutely agree. Classic (newbee) UI / developer mistake: Yes, you start by creating and editing a template and yes, this is what you test a lot as developer, but the whole purpose (for the end user) of a (each) template is to create new documents from it.


  • Maarten
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    Oh, and do not be tempted to think that the solution is to be able to "lock" it!

    The solution is to be able to click on it to make a new document based on it.

    The ability to edit it should be in some sub-menu.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Thank you all for your input, I will convert it to a feedback post so our product team can keep track of your use cases.