Is it possible to append Deal records in bulk using CSV?

Michael Dillon
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I want to append a large bulk of Deal records using a CSV file, but when I upload the file, it tries to add the appended records as new deals instead of updating the existing records.

Background: We are appending a large group of records with a "0" in a custom field for a tracking project. Because we are doing a large amount of records, I am adding the "0" to the custom field using a CSV file I downloaded from a filter that I created. In a series of tests I have uploaded 10 records with the appended field in a CSV file and even though I map all the fields correctly and select the option to merge data with existing records, PD still wants to add the uploaded records as new deals instead of updating the existing deals. Am I missing a step or is what I am attempting not possible to do?


  • Can't say I've done this with Deals (I've done it with Activities). Obviously the most important field is the Deal ID. The other thing I've found is to reduce the number of fields you're importing to the bare necessity. Delete all the columns that you're not making updates in, and just include the Deal ID and the Fields with information that you want to update.

    To troubleshoot this, start with a single line, a deal ID and a single update field and see if that works.