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Is it possible to customize the text of the DOI email? We are in Germany and the default email text is to formal for our audience. I couldn't find the option to edit the template.

Thx in advance


  • Hi, this is a very good question. I would also like to be able to edit the double opt-in text. The PD support recently let me know that there currently is no option 🤔

    We have the issue, that the company branch we have the PD contract with is included in that email, but some of our campaigns go to different branches. It is confusing for a German customer who communicates with the "GmbH" to get a DOI email referring to the Dutch "bv" company. Some actually thought it was spam and not a legit DOI process. That's not cool.

    Thx from Cologne!

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    I'm curious about this too.

  • me too :)

    hello pipedrive