Ignore Duplicates on import from a spreadsheet

BGRABRICK Member Posts: 3

It would be very helpful if Pipedrive could ignore duplicates when I am importing data from an excel spreadsheet. Currently the two options of merging and creating a new deal do not work with my desired work flow.

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  • Ryan Bozeman
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    Yes this would defintitely be helpful. Consider me +1 on this idea. More customization over how duplicates are identified in Pipedrive would be helpful in general.

    I also wanted to mention that Insycle (and full disclosure, I work for them) allows you to choose any "identity field" when importing data, in order to identify already-existing records in Pipedrive. So that gives a lot of control over how duplicates are identified during the importing process.

    Post-import, it also allows you to use any field as a potential matching field, ignore data in a field in select ways, and choose how data is retained in the master record on a field-by-field basis.

    Hope that helps!