Horizontal scrolling: Improve visualization of multiple stages pipelines

Rodrigo Rojas
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1.- For pipelines that it has too many stages, let's say over 10 stages (and when it is not negociable ):, to have the ability to spread the view with a horizontal scrolling at the button will be very useful, other wise it is looking very weird like:

2.- In the last case, present a better solution to show the names of stages, since they are totally not readable.

3.- In the list view for deals, have a floating window option (like the one on activities) will be very useful to avoid lost the deal list view when a deal is clicked.

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  • Jeremy Luebke
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    I concur. With my 13 stages, the pipeline is unreadable. Better to have it scroll side to side.

  • Ted Youn
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    I have many customers asking for this feature.

    p.s. This post contains a similar request.

  • Ted Youn
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    Do you plan to add an option to add a horizontal scrollbar in pipeline view?

    Background Information

    This is what the pipeline view looks like when you have 25 stages in a pipeline. It's not easy to read each stage name.

    I cannot simply ask my client to revamp the pipeline stages to decrease the number of stages. They have many active users who have been using this system for a long time. They don't want to overhaul the system as long as it's working. (As an old adage goes, don't fix it if it ain't broke.)


    One simple fix would be to add an option to add a horizontal scroll bar; for example, this is what we saw when we tried to edit pipeline stages. Each stage name can be readable because it has a fixed width while users can horizontally scroll whole screen.


    Can I ask you to add to add a horizontal scrollbar in pipeline view?

    I know there have been similar requests in this community.

    Let me know in case you need more information.


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Ted Youn thanks for the feedback! I will merge this type of request so that it becomes more visible to the community and our product team.

  • monolithed
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    Hi, @Manuel Oliveira my trial period isn't even over yet, but this bug alone is making me consider other solutions. I don't understand how the company's management views this — do they not use their own tool?

    The current solution makes no sense. In the pipeline for long-deal-cycle projects, you can't add more than 8 stages, 'cause it's hard to read the amounts and text, and I don't even want to talk about the dreary gray background that blends with all the text.

    How this affects me:

    1. To read the text, I have to remove necessary deal stages.
    2. To know the column names, I have to hover over the column header.
    3. To find out the amount, I have to open the developer console and look at the HTML code.

    Why should I be wasting my time on this?

    Look at how truly user-friendly columns are in Freshworks Sales and Close CRM. Adding a scroll bar is a five-minute task that any developer can handle.

    Add this downside to your comparative table with other CRM systems, as others don't have this problem. That would be fair.

    PS: I've already started making a browser extension to change the colors and add a scroll bar since you can't.

    Here're go, some truly user-friendly references:

  • Graham Cox
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    Yes I could really do with this too. I'm a mortgage broker with a long sales cycle and about 16 stages in total. I've had to spread them across two pipelines which is not ideal.

  • Rene H
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    Hello everyone 👋

    Thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it as always!

    The good news is that we are currently starting to explore solving this issue of making Pipeline view more user friendly in case of larger numbers of stages (but also larger number of deals).

    What can you do in the meantime - as workarounds while we deliver this in the second half of the year, you can consider using Deal list views as a replacement. You can add the "Stage" column to the views and sort by this. You can also apply different filters to only show deals in specific stages in the list view etc.

    Also we'd like to hear your use cases for these setups with many stages to understand the reasoning behind having 25 stages as mentioned in the example above.

    When we are ready to start beta-testing this, I'll follow up with the users in this thread to take part in it if you're interested.

    Have a great day!

  • Ted Youn
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    Hi, @Rene H.

    This is Ted from Hashsnap, a master reseller in South Korea.

    My client has 25 stages in a pipeline, but they don't want to show the contents to me because it's confidential data. To my knowledge, they use the 25-stage pipeline for client management not for sales.

    I'm very interested in the beta testing of this feature. Let me know when the beta testing is ready.


  • Rene H
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    Thank you Ted!

    Yes, that's our observation as well based on a number of calls and feedback items that majority of these use cases might not strictly be around sales processes but client management, support etc.
    Over time our aim is to become more flexible so we could better cater for these use cases as well.

    I'll definitely get back to you once we have something ready for Beta testing :)

  • Aleksandr
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    @Rene H there are such cases in our HR projects: first, we search for and evaluate the client, then conduct kickoff meetings, undergo security checks, sign contracts, prepare documents for tender participation, gather requirements, fulfill obligations, perform warranty replacements, sign documents for the advance payment, and then for the full payment and so on.
    We have significantly shortened the pipeline, but even so, the headings are still unclear.

    If you start testing, you can include me first ))