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Hi, i could not find a way to create reports on projects. I have created some custom fields that I would like to summarize and filter by. Couldnt find a way though. Also it seems there is no possibility to export projects into csv? So I could do that in Excel?

I cant get my head around that. Is it really missing in the Pipedrive?


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Foxie

    We're continuing to improve abilities there. Export from the list should be coming real soon. The list can currently already be adjusted to include custom fields and sorted by but indeed we're not yet in the reporting section of Pipedrive. I've noted down your request for this but soon the exporting should be there :)

  • Mat M
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    Yes, Export Projects to csv exellent idea (even only the list view of projects to csv would be a big help) is needed!

    We need those lists on a daily bases in our workflow infra as a db record node info, Dp:s Project names acts as a "masterdata" for reports etc.