Sync product usage insights to Pipedrive with the new ProductSync integration

If you're a software/SaaS company, knowing how actively freemium or trial users engage with the product is key for qualifying leads. But as our research shows, this data is usually not easily accessible to the salespeople. Another tab needs need to be open to see product usage -- if the data is accessible at all.

Enter ProductSync, Outfunnel's latest product that lets you sync product usage insights to Pipedrive as Activities or custom field updates.

  • Easily access all your product events and usage properties via Segment or Posthog.
  • Sync key product usage events and properties/traits to Pipedrive and trigger the right workflow for each account.
  • Offer context about the usage of specific features for salespeople right inside Pipedrive.

ProductSync is now available in the Pipedrive Marketplace, and there's a free 14-day trial.


  • Markus Leming
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    Just clarifying that product usage events can be synced to Pipedrive as Activities and product usage properties (e.g. contact details or the number of times a feature has been used) can be synced to custom fields.