Sunset at pipedrive

I hope I‘m not the only one but I think it‘s very sad, that so many features get sunseted. What‘s the cost of the features to be kept alive?

  1. Xero
  2. iCloud contact sync
  3. Now Live Chat in the app (but remains in the web version)

Why did you do that? For me as a huge fan, customer and affiliate it‘s hard to grasp. I constantly seem to have the need to adapt my workflows and lose flow (Like installing Google Contacts and syncing my contacts twice (1. iCloud standard, 2. Google second) a lot of unnecessary effort in my opinion:/

So if you could please showcase why it‘s more lucrative to only have a livechat version on the web and not in the app? and what did the xero feature cost and the icloud feature?

It‘s hard for me to rely on a tool that is constantly changing (which shouldn‘t be bad because change is good. To survive we need to adapt.) But at what cost?

Can I count on quickbooks to still be the go to book keeping tool or do I have to fear, that it will change too?

Can I count on the google drive feature to still work in a few years or will it be cut as well at some point?

Questions I don‘t want to ask myself, I‘d rather focus on ways to make the business run easier and simpler to keep it smooth and flowing!

Thanks for the feedback (and thanks for all the awesome features like projects and leads which are new and great (has to be said!))




  • Yang
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    We love Live chat that was only used on mobile app because it allows an extrem reactivity.

    I'm so sad the mobile feature is stopped on a so short notice.

    It makes me a little more disappointed about PipeDrive.

  • Jeff Matte
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    Total no sense!!

    90% of the live chat I'm able to catch is from a pop up on my iphone. Will have to find another software for live chat. I wish we never switched from hubspot :/

  • Valentin Navarro
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    Totally agree. It would be appreciated to have a response from the support in order to propose a solution that offers enough reactivity to answer the chats.

  • Tony_UK
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    Live chat on the app was a main feature for us to sign up to Pipedrive. Removing this feature with such little notice shows very little respect for your customers.

    Shame Pipedrive are not responding to this chat

  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hello, all.

    I would like to start this message by saying that we do understand the frustration involved in losing access to a feature that was important for your operation, even though the feature was only removed from the Mobile App. While you can still access the Web App on your mobile, we understand it is not the same as having the feature in the Mobile App directly.

    This was a tough decision on our side, but was necessary due to internal reasons that prevented us from keeping Live Chat for Mobile App active. If you feel like this was not handled the best way due to communication being sent out on a short notice, we would like to apologise - and please rest assure that I will share your feedback internally so that this can be considered in future communication strategies.

    That said, if using the feature on the Web App is not feasible for your operation, we suggest taking a look at our Bots and Messaging integrations (which can be found right here) to find a good alternative to be used on your Mobiles going forward.

    If any specific questions come up, please reach out to our Support Team and we will be here to help.


  • Jeff Matte
    Jeff Matte Member Posts: 12
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    Hello guys! We found a free solution very sharp alternative for the chat (and it allows response without opening the chat, I've seen good results so far). have a look

  • Tony_UK
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    Tawk does not seem to have a Pipedrive integration/app @Jeff Matte ?