How to predict won dates?


I was wondering if any of the more technical users have implemented a helpful algorithm for predicting the Won date of a deal?

My current draft:

Remaining days in sales cycle =

average # of days deals spend in each of the next stages in the pipeline


# of days usually spent in the current stage - # days spent in this stage so far

Some improvements I need to look at:

Average days in stage isn't accessible from the api, so I'll need to update each month manually.

Deals that have been in a stage for longer than average need a sensible guess for when they will leave that stage. I have drafted "if 8 days over the average, expect 8 more".

If anyone has experience with analysis like this I'd love to hear what solutions you came up with.



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    They, @RussellBishop!

    With our insights, you can create reports that show you the average time of your sales cycle, as you can see here. When it comes to predicting won dates with our API, on the other hand, this is not a possibility as of yet.

    Our API's GET endpoints are more "specific" to the dates existing in the account, and we do not have endpoints that can make this math. That said, if any user has ever used alternatives, they can add a new reply to this thread - but I am not aware of other possibilities to achieve that specific goal.

    Thank you.