Setting up recurring payments

Wes Brooks
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Would love to streamline how I collect payments once a deal closes.

I have pipedrive, use qwilr for proposals and my process is really clunky. I’m torn between stripe & gocardless for single / recurring payments.

I want to be able to have someone accept a proposal on a call, send them the deposit payment link straight away. Then set up a monthly recurring subscription/ payments.

I don’t believe pipedrive does this properly yet does it? Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to set this up?


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Wes Brooks!

    with our automations, you could send an email with that payment link when a deal is closed/the proposal is accepted - but that might only work if the payment link is always the same, or if you have a custom field for each deal that contains the correct URL.

    When it comes to setting up subscriptions, this can’t be done with automations - but maybe Zapier can help with the new “2. API Request (Beta) in Pipedrive”, as we have an endpoint for creating subscriptions. This can be checked further with Zapier, but we could consider something like this.

    I hope this helps!