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I'm new to Pipedrive, been selling for 15 years, and using CRMs for 10. The key to making them super helpful is removing distractions with clean interfaces. Furthermore, being able to also arrange steps based on your process.

Having the ability to hide and rearrange the tabs would:

  1. Allow me to shift the buttons based on my work flow and what pages I see first
  2. Hide superfluous tabs that provide no value or relevance to my (or my team's) processes
  3. Provides Pipedrive a better look and not looking a bit "cheap" selling/pushing those offerings. I think there might be better ways to do it than just leave them there.

Sorry for sounding a bit harsh :)

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  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    Hi @ijoshdavis I will check if there is a Chrome Extension way of dealing with this.

    I recently created a chrome extension that would block YouTube shorts from my YouTube Subscription feed.

    So I think this is pretty doable, at least hiding a few tabs like the Leads section.

  • ijoshdavis
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    :) excellent!

    I was thinking something like Greasemonkey...but can't find its replacement.

    Let me know if you have any ideas. I'm going to look for something that works for Opera and Chrome.