How are you using ChatGPT in your work with Pipedrive?

Eva Lond
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Hey 👋

How are you currently using ChatGPT in your everyday work with Pipedrive? Do you see ways to integrate AI with Pipedrive in a way that would be beneficial to your work?

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  • BaptisteBCA
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    Hey Eva,

    In terms of integrating AI with Pipedrive more broadly, we're definitely exploring different options.

    One area we're particularly interested in is using AI to help with lead scoring and lead prioritization.

    We think this could be a huge help in making sure that our sales team is focusing their efforts on the most promising leads.

    To be able to use ChatGPT to draft responses to inbound prospects coming from forms, and why not use it in the context of the ChatBot as well.

    In short, there are many possible areas of application. Ideally, it would be great to offer an integration in the new Open AI "app market"

    This could be a great marketing move to include ChatGPT in Pipedrive, even though the privacy issue may not be easy to handle.


  • Andrus Purde
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    @BaptisteBCA - what are the kinds of things you think will be useful as inputs for lead prioritization? Is it information publicly out there on the internets or specific sales/marketing engagements that happen on your website, with ads and emails and with your online product or service?

    If the former, something like Chat GPT may indeed be useful but if the latter, then applying simple heuristics or more elaborate machine learning algorithms to your own data may be the better option.