Creating and applying email automation to all users

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As I create email automation, there are multiple stages where we engage our clients and therefore multiple automations to be built for each stage. The automations purpose is to keep our clients engaged throughout the entire process.

The issue I have: In order to apply the deal owners email to the automation, I now have to go and build each automation over and over again for each user for our company. Imagine if I had 20, 30, 40 or even 100 users, It would be a nightmare to build the same automation over and over again 20-100 times lol.

Solution: It would be great if I could build the automation and apply the email automation to specific users one time, where the email sent out from the deal/lead owners email, without having to build it over and over for each user.

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    100% agree! This is insane. Automation functionality needs to be handled centrally - otherwise it is really difficult to support from a marketing point of view.