Custom contact filter not filtering correctly


Hi - I'm trying to set up a custom "Contacts Filter" that I cannot seem to get working properly. There is contacts that are populating on this filter who've I recently had correspondence with and shouldn't be showing up.

For example; I want to filter out contacts that I haven't "sent" or "received" an email from in 2 months. This will be an easy way to help me know who I need to touch base with since we've had no communication in that set amount of time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey, @Darrin Greenwold!

    In order to filter out contacts to which you have sent OR received emails for the last time more than 2 months ago, this is what you should create on your side:

    If you have roadblocks of any kind in the process, please reach out to our Support Team for live assistance.

    Thank you.