Don't make product fields available if they are not usable in smart doc templates

Graham Cox
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All product fields look like they're useable in smart doc templates. You can even copy and paste the field merge code in the template.

So imagine my surprise when the doc wouldn't populate with the field values. Turns out that the only product field you can use is product table. Which I only found out after contacting your live chat support.

PD, are you just letting your devs get on with it without any oversight of their decision making? That's how it appears.

May I suggest you don't display product fields if they're not useable yet? Or just make them greyed out. You know, just simple, intelligent UI like that so you don't piss off your customers because they've wasted an hour setting up a bunch of product fields which they can't use.

May I also suggest you look at your quality control issues so it doesn't happen again?

Rant over. Thanks for listening.

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