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Dean Cox_58996
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How do I change the forma with which emails are displayed? Apparently they show in a "conversation" format that buries one email inside the other on a long email chan. It makes it VERY difficult to track the exchange if it gets more than a couple responses long. How do I change it to the typical email chain format?


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Dean Cox_58996

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the style in Pipedrive mailbox. We are threading together emails that have the same Subject line and at least 2 same email addresses associated. If you are worried about some specific conversations, please check with our support tram directly if possible to change something in how you are sending out the emails etc. However, if it is just that you would prefer to receive every email separately in no thread, then currently this is not possible.

  • Marcus Hennecke
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    Email formatting sucks so much in Pipedrive. It is nearly impossible to use it :(

  • Jonathan Gennick
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    @Kreete K The problem is real. I find a lot of value from reading my email from within Pipedrive, because I can easily schedule new activities and jump to the deal or contact that's related to the email. Where I currently experience pain is when there is a long email thread and someone on it replies to an earlier email in the thread. The Pipedrive email interface makes it easy to miss those emails. If there are multiple unread messages in a complex thread, I sometimes have to go over to Gmail and read the thread there to be sure I'm not missing anything.