Is there finally reporting deals by product categorry solution?

Vladimir Vala
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Hello. Lot of people asked in the past and i have to add on.

Is there any way how to filter your deals not just by seeing individual product sales but to see deals by product categories?

Our company stays infront of a decision to go with Pipedrive CRM and this is really needed.

Its a question some people asked 2 years ago and still no solution? :(

Let me know please.





  • Leonardo Zimmermann
    Leonardo Zimmermann Moderator Posts: 91
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    Hey, @Vladimir Vala!

    This doesn't seem to be possible at the moment, sadly. However, my suggestion is for you to reach out to our Support Team so that we can understand your exact expectations and how you would like to implement this on your operation, so that we can share your feedback internally.

    Thank you.