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Hello Pipedrivers, let me explain my reality.

I have a historical village in which I offer these services:

Catering events

Wedding events

I manage everything from a single email address: info@

But we are a team of 3 people, what do you suggest to me to run the business in the best possible way?


  • Hello, I have a very similar issue. Unfortuately Pipedrive doesn't handle well more than 1 user sharing the same email. That's exactly the case in my company and unfortunatley only 1 user has to check the main email and create the opportunity. It's an addition problem when the other user wants to reply the email to the customer, but can't reply from his user.... so he has to start a new email thread.

    I'd be happy to hear better options, I have talk to support and they haven't got any ideas... Txs, Ricardo.

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    Hello friends,

    Have a good days.

    You can investigate "single-sign on". I hope this will solve your problem.

    Best Regards