Copy Automation & then change Trigger?

I'm just getting started and have some automations that I want to build.

I have an automation that I can to copy and then change the trigger (e.g. deal create from deal update). Is there a way to do this?

I'm thinking no :(


  • inacyakup
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    Hello have a good days.

    You can definitely do it. Automations is very useful. I suggest you to research and I can help

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  • Maarten
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    Nope, it's impossible. Don't know who came up with this but it's insanely strange you cannot change the trigger.

  • You can't do it as of today.

  • arjunsuhass
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    @ijoshdavis No there isn't built-in feature to directly copy an automation and change the trigger in Pipedrive. You'll need to recreate the automation with the desired trigger manually.

  • Maarten
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    And that is really awful: you need to build everything all over again just because you want to change the first step...

  • Sophie
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    Hi @ijoshdavis!

    Since the steps after the trigger are determined by the trigger itself, you will have to recreate the automation if you are looking to change the trigger. In other words, changing the trigger will change the steps you are able to select after which is why you must start at step 1 when changing the trigger.

    What I usually do, when I need to copy an automation (but change the trigger) is open 2 tabs in a split screen and copy the automation manually to recreate it with a different trigger. However, thank you for the valuable feedback, I will be sure to pass this along to our product team!

  • Allowing to copy an automation and then removing any incompatible actions when a trigger is changed would be a good workaround.

  • Maarten
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    @Sophie looking at what @Amit Shah DigMkting says, this should be the way to do this. Or only enable changing to a compatible trigger. For example, when the "new person" trigger is used, and you want to add one for a "person changed" trigger, this will not have a lot of incompatible actions.