Allow automation to check for existence of a deal before creating it based on criteria

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I created an automation to create a deal with person's full name and another word to represent a deal, i.e. James Smith VBO, where James Smith is his name and VBO is the title of my deal.

The automation is triggered by activity I create for him in PD. Once I create activity, deal is created. I then manually link that deal with this activity (as PD doesn't do that yet).

But if I happen to create the deal first, then go and create the activity for it, with James Smith VBO, it actually creates another deal, understandably.

So it would be great if the system could understand that there's a deal in the same pipeline with the exact same name already existing and not create it.

Allow us a test feature as criteria so we can avoid duplicating it. Currently this forces me to ONLY create these deals through automation, otherwise to be able to create activity items and deals interchangeably I would have to let go the automation and do it manually.

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    Hi @Dmitri Ivanenko !

    To avoid the automation creating an unnecessary deal when you have already created one manually before, I suggest you add the third condition shown in the image below (Activity Deal is empty). That way the automation will only "see" activities that aren't already linked to deals.



    Unfortunately, currently our Automation feature doesn't have a "search" capability and you need to manually link the activity from the trigger to the deal in the action, but I can definitely see how it would be useful and have forwarded your suggestion internally to the respective team. Thank you for illustrating your use case so clearly!


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