MAJOR issue/flaw with Scheduler - this is NOT a feature request, this is an issue with the PROCESS o

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Hi Team, there is a major flaw with the scheduler that i have been advised is 'Both of the situations described are the expected behaviour of the feature.'

However, this means that according to your team, any person that books a meeting in the scheduler, and for example, does a no show, or the meeting does not go ahead but does not get rescheduled then and there, means the meeting/scheduler task must be left OPEN and cannot be ticked as completed EVER. Which is completely absurd, otherwise, the rescheduled task will still be marked as completed... and you will miss your meeting.

Let me explain, here is the scenario
Step 1) if client books in meeting, then does a no show  (or meeting doesn't go ahead for whatever reason) for example....

I then need to mark off the meeting as complete for now or it would forever show in my task list.... for a no show, i cannot get in touch with the client, i cannot reschedule the meeting for them... they must do that.

Step 2) Once task is marked as completed, if the client then uses the reschedule link to reschedule the meeting, the meeting updates that meeting task with the  new date, but it does NOT unmark it as complete... meaning, the meeting reschedules as complete and NEVER shows up on my calendar/activities as a pending meeting

This is a massive flaw in your system, if a client reschedules a meeting, it should ALWAYS update that meeting, and mark it us INCOMPLETE, 

I have now nearly missed half a dozen meetings through this happening as we have just started again using the scheduler after finally getting another issue relating to it fixed, at least i have realised WHY my meetings are not appearing so could write this report.

I am surprised nobody else is reporting this issue... its a pretty big oversight and means that one has to double check every single rescheduled meeting in the system, or, leave every single meeting that is a no show open forever as incomplete.... both ridiculous propositions.

I hope someone can help with this, i am getting a bit tired of finding these kinds of process issues, only to be told its a feature request... as a software developer, my understanding is that a feature request is adding additional functionality to extend the software... this, by description then, is a BUG as it is a process that is leading to incorrect or faulting operation of the software or its processes as used by an end user, leading to an undesired or unexpected result. 

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    Hey Eden! 

    I believe we spoke recently when you were talking with one of our agents Vladimir. 

    Could you let me know if you spoke to Support on this? Just wanted to know if it has been reported already. Nonetheless I'll reach out to our Scheduler team about this so that they can review it!


    I'm so sorry for the troubles you have been having with this feature as well!

  • Eden Brownlee
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    I spoke to support, who told me the system is supposed to work in this way, and that its a feature request and to post it here. 

    As such, i have posted it here as i was left with no other resort. Even though i do not believe this is a feature request in any way. :)