New: Deal card customization and pipeline sorting

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Hello everyone,

We're about to add two quite frequently requested features:

  • Deal card customization (in Pipeline view) -> Available now!
  • Pipeline sorting -> gradually rolling out to customers from now through June 2023

Let us know your feedback, how these features are helping you and what problems they’re solving in your daily workflows.

Some important details to be aware of:

  • these feature(s) will be enabled for the whole company, not for a single user
  • the card customization feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans; pipeline sorting is available on all plans
  • sorting based on custom fields is not possible yet, this will be added in future updates
  • the best way to share your feedback, issues, and improvement ideas is right here in this thread

Thank you! ☀️

Rene from Pipedrive



  • Yes please, sign me up.

  • Graham Cox
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    yes please, I'd like to try the beta

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hey, yes please !! :)

  • Rafa
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    Yes please !! Thanks

  • Yes, I think this will be amazing!!! Lets make it happen, how do we help!

  • Yes please !! Thanks

  • Please, sign me in. Thank you !

  • Yes! This will be brilliant!

  • Marketing_86194
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    We just recieved the beta and it looks awesome so far!

    What we are running into right now is that our customer qualification dealfield. Which is a custom deal field with multiple options as the dealfield type. Doesnt show up as an option to be added

    Will these fields be added later on, or was this an oversight?

    Anyways good work on the update, really enthousiastic about this!

  • Tested the feature and it is right up to the requirement!

    Great job Pipedrive team for implementing this especially the flexibility in having different visible fields in different pipelines!

    What I wish to have is a clickable options like: you go direct to the contact if you click on it from the card itself

  • Would love to beta test this. I'm one of the frequently asked group. :-)

  • Yes, please, sign me up!

    Many thanks


  • I like this concept but it would be nice to see the full users name versus just the hover state over their image.

  • Rene H
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    Thank you for all the feedback and great to hear it's useful.

    • I'll try to answer some questions that came up in the thread above:We do have limitations around which fields can be added to a card, specifically some custom field types aren't yet supported (like multiple option) and some will probably never be supported (like long text).
    • Regarding making individual items on the card clickable - we will discuss this idea, but in the first iteration we kept the original behaviour, not just for its familiarity to users but also to avoid a situation where you would need to start aiming between these fields to get to the deal page. But it's still an interesting idea and we'll investigate it further.
    • Full name vs image - Sarah I assume you mean the owner of the deal here. This should already be available - you see the full name when hovering over the image, but also next to the image without the need to hover.
    • Pipeline sorting support - coming very soon, you should get it next week
  • Full Name vs image - Thank you Rene! But I am not seeing the name of the user or owner of the deal next to the hover state. I see the name of a LINKED PERSON but not user. See attached

  • Marco Govoni
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    Let’s try this beta and I’ll release feedback ;-)

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    I would like to sign up

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    i would like to sign up aswell :-)

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    I would like to sign up for my org too

  • Yes please, I'd like to sign up

  • Is this still available? Id like to take a look at the Beta. Thanks.

  • I would love to try this!!

  • Rene H
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback! Those of you who has sent the form should now have the features available, just updated the last batch.

    Few notes - many of you have more than one company, in this case we enabled for your default company for now, not all of them. Also I did see a few requests for card customization from Essential and Advanced plans, while it's only available for professional - so if you think this is still useful for you, I'd encourage to check out our plans page and maybe considering upgrading to Professional (there's a lot of other extra features coming with that plan not just card customization).

    Also still looking forward to all of your feedback and improvement ideas. ☀️

  • Is this still available? I would like to try this.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, deal card customization is available now and pipeline sorting will gradually be made available soon! Feel free to check the original post for more details.

  • Minhaz Moosa
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    @Manuel Oliveira can I get access?

  • Bazin
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    Intrested by the Sorting Pipeline function ...

  • Hi,

    When will be the pipeline sorting made available? It would be of so much help!


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    Please sign me up! It's what I've been looking for.

    Thanks, Hob

  • Hello! Could you sign me in as well? That's exaclty what we are looking for at the company. Thanks!