You can't change an earlier recurring without deleting the old one and losing the history

Jan Bons
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When you change a recurrent income the history remains. But when you want to enter a new subscription you first have to delete the earlier recurrent income and then the history is deleted. Why not the possibility to stop the first subscription and then ad another different one to it. So you keep the history and have a new one installed.

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    Hi @Jan Bons , thank you so much for your feedback! I understand how still being able to see past subscriptions would be handy and I've forwarded your suggestion to the team.

    I did some testing on my side and I'd like to understand a little better what you mean: can you send me a screenshot of the section where you see the history, please? You can blur any data that you need to protect, I just want to make sure I'm looking at the same thing you are. Thank you!